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Our signature crêpe batter recipe, made of egg, water and flour is tasty and light, ensuring we provide the best quality to you from start to finish. Cooked on a hotplate, there is no need for butter or oil in the cooking process.

Our selection of ingredients ranges from the freshest fruits and vegetables to quality meat and dairy. All ingredients are prepared daily, from slicing & dicing to cooking, we want our meals to be as nutritious, filling and tasty as possible.

The interactive crêpe cooking process means we have nothing to hide; what you see is what you get. All ingredients are kept cold and fresh, in full view of you. Watch as your crêpe is given a twist, turn and flip by one of our friendly staff.

Want extra chicken, less cheese and touch more mushroom?.. let us know! We’re here to make this the best dining experience possible. If our extensive menu doesn’t tempt your tastebuds, we’ll be happy to tweak it just for you.

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